The Fourth Great War has ended, but the Fifth Age has yet to begin. . .

It is a time of great darkness. The Fourth Age, the age of the Empire of Dwarves and Eladrin, has fallen. The Fourth Great War, the war between the armies of light, and the Fomorians, has consumed all that it touched. Fifty years have passed since the the last fires of war where extinguished, and the kingdoms of the world, once united against a common foe, lay scattered, and isolated. The creatures of the dark, once held in check, now crawl forth from their hiding places to reclaim the land for themselves.

On the banks of the Azure Reach lies sites Alveron, the last kingdom, under the rule of King Wakelyn. He has sent his soldiers out to the surrounding human settlements and beaten back the darkness, Trade Routes now exist between the Alveron and the towns of Eastfen, Bray Cove, and Wayfeld. The roads are hard fought, and wrought with peril, but life is beginning to return to the Azure coast.

Wakelyn has opened the doors of his kingdom to refugees of all types, victims of the Great War. He has issued a summons, asking for adventures to brave the wilds and push back the night. He has promised that if these brave souls will seek out the lost kingdoms of the world, he will unite them.

You and your companions have banded together to form an adventuring company with the goal to explore the dark wilds of the land and survive the dark times before the new age begins.

The Last Kingdom