Brann Wynn


Although he is a half-elf, virtually none of his elven traits are physically visible on the outside, save for his youthful appearance, and green eyes tat are almost too bright. He has short cropped brown hair, medium height and build.

Brann wears leather armor of dark browns and greens.

He carries a matched set of blades; thin bladed swords of deep, emerald green, etched with strange rune markings.


Brann Wynn was born of a human father and an elven mother. His father was a member of the Order of the Azure Flame, and fought during the Fourth Great War as a young man along side of Borum Brightshield. He died when Brann was a young boy, while defending Alveron during the years of chaos after the wars end.

Brann was raised in Vyeshire, an elven city deep within the Green Wood, a forest on the edge of Alveron’s border. He grew up to be an accomplished ranger, earning the title of Green Warden for Vyeshire.

When King Wakelyn assembled his adventuring parties with the purpose of reuniting his kingdom, and reaching out to the lands beyond, Brann was chosen to lead the flagship team.

Good natures and outgoing, Brann has always quick to make friends and form alliances. His cocky, brash attitude, and seeming irreverence for just about everything means he makes enemies just as easily. Still, he can be a fairly good diplomat if he can gather the patience.

More then anywhere else, he is at home in the woods. A master tracker, Brann quickly surpassed even his most seasoned elven trainers early on. His skill with the sword is also impressive, and he can easily drop his flippant attitude when combat arises.

Brann Wynn

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