Tall and regal, with golden blond hair and ice blue eyes, the Lady Aliahna is beautiful, but distant.

She dresses in robes of white and yellow, trimmed in sky blue. She wields and Ivory staff of bone white.


Born to a wealthy, upper class family in the eladrin city of Strathhome, Aliahna was sent to study magic at the Crimson Tower in Ember Fall at a young age. There she became a Flame Caller, the eladrin’s heavy battle field artillery. After the war, with the destruction of Strathhome, and the apparent loss of Ember Fall, she migrated to Alveron, where her actions quickly gained the attention of Baron Duncan Kavanagh, who assigned her to aid Brann Wynn’s exploration party.

Aliahna is cool, calm, and logical. Her reserved nature is a good counterbalance to Brann’s sometimes brash attitude, although both can get on each others nerves quite quickly. She prefers nonviolent solutions to conflict, if possible, but will not hesitate to bring the full might of her magic down upon those who give her no choice.

For at least a small part of the war, she taught at the Crimson Tower. There she had a student by the name of Sariel, whom she had thought lost during the final siege of the city. Recently, however, a woman bearing a striking resemblance Sariel has been seen on several occasions. Although she could never say why, Aliahna never felt at ease around her student. She was never given any reason to mistrust Sariel, but the feeling has only deepened on each of the young woman’s subsequent appearances.


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