Duncan Kavanagh


Tall, with black hair, just starting to show some silver at the temples, and a neatly trimmed goatee. Still keeps himself in good shape, despite his current duties.

Out of all the king’s advisers, Baron Kavanagh is the only one to still keep a sword at his side. He wears Avren’s Cry, a thundering longsword that he used during his adventuring days.


Baron Duncan Kavanagh is the younger brother to Queen Wakelyn, of Alveron. While his sister spent her youth learning the ins and outs of noble life, Duncan explored the Green Wood. It was in there that Kavanagh first encountered a young Brann Wynn, and the two spent many years exploring and adventuring together.

Eventually the duties of a nobleman caught up to Duncan, and he was made a baron, and one of King Wakelyn’s most trusted advisers, much to Duncan’s chagrin. From time to time, however, he does manage to find a reason to retake to the field and lead the king’s men.

His wife, Tamara, was a priestess of Erathis, and died aiding the kings men during an attack from a marauding orc horde. The two have daughter, Rose, who has already shown to have a great affinity for the magical arts.

Duncan Kavanagh

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