Borum Brightshield


Gruff, grizzled, and battle scarred on the surface, yet serene and peaceful underneath. One of the few remaining members of the Order of the Azure Flame, Borum Brightshield is still active on the battle, despite his advanced age.

He wears the plate armor of a Knight of the Flame, and wields a greataxe, a holy avenger.


Born and raised in the Basalt Halls just north of Alveron, Borum Brightshield has spent his entire life in service to his goddess, Avandra as a paladin and Knight of the Flame. Born in the twilight of the fourth age, Borum fought along side his fellow knights in the great war, battling the fomorians and their army of giants up and down the face of Corell.

Upon the wars end, Borum returned to his home in time to help defend it from invading kobold’s seeking to take advantage of the growing chaos that followed the collapse of the empire.

Borum spent the fifty years since the wars end patrolling the lands lands of Alveron, and the mountains of his home along with a handful of his fellow knights. Feeling the weight of his years, he tutored a young Thomas Wynn in the ways of his order, taking him as his apprentice. Tragically when a rampaging horde of orcs invaded Alveron’s borders, Thomas, along with many others, laid down their lives to save the still fragile kingdom. Wynn left behind a young son, Brann, whom Borum has since felt responsible for. When Brann was putting together a team for his exploratory party, Borum was the first to sign up.

For a dwarf, Borum can be surprisingly reserved and melancholy, although in the heat of battle he reveals a boisterous side that often takes others by surprise.

There are few in the Order of the Azure Flame who have not heard of Borum Brightshield. His long years of service and his devotion to his goddess have made him somewhat of a legend.

Despite his gruff, outward appearance, Borum has quite a lovely singing voice.

Borum Brightshield

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