The kingdom of Alveron was founded during the Third Age by High Duke Thomas Cotswain. The Cotswain’s ruled the kingdom for most of the Third Age, although by the time of the Dragon Scourge, the crown had fallen to a rival house, and Lord Adrian Beckensdale was crowned king.

Beckensdale’s rule, while long sought after by his house, was to be a short and troubled one. The armies of Alveron where no match for the Scourge, and by the wars end the kingdom had been reduced to a handful of scattered, decimated hamlets.

In the beginning of the Fourth Age, Hyrium Wakelyn drew these scattered villages together and reforged the kingdom. With help from the dwarves and eladrin of the new empire, Wakelyn built a massive, walled city on the ruins of the previous capital. To this day, a Wakelyn still rules Alveron. King Darian Wakelyn IV has been king for over thirty years, ascending the throne on his twenty third birthday upon the death of his father, Darian the third. He is married to Queen Tara Kavanagh Wakelyn.

Alveron is tucked up on the western coast of Corell. It was never the largest, or most grand kingdom in the empire, and that played out to its advantage. During the war Alveron was not targeted until the very end, partly because it was not the biggest threat, and partly because to reach it, the fomorians had to march their armies either through the Shadowline forest, or else attack by the water, crossing over from the Azure Reach, the great ocean that served as Alveron’s western boarder.

Still, the war did finally reach Alveron, and the kingdom suffered great losses. Several small raiding parties scoured the lands of the kingdom, attacking towns and villages. However, the main bulk of the armies of the giants was held at Wayfeld by the combined might of the Storm Riders and the Knights of the Flame. Already weakened by the armies of the gnomes after their march from through he Shadowline, the invading army was broken. The City was able to hold out against the smaller raiding parties until the attackers where called away to lay siege to Ember Fall. As a result, the great city was never overrun. While the rest of the world slipped into darkness and chaos, Alveron was able to rally, it’s armies still relatively intact. With Wakelyn able to hold on to a semblance of defense and law, the people of Alveron where able to begin rebuilding, bit by bit.

There are now several cities and towns within Alveron’s boarders with thriving trade routes. Wayfeld, Eastfen, Vyeshire, Bray Cove and The Basalt Halls all enjoy relative safety thanks to the kings defenders. Other towns, such as the small village of Brown Hill, are being rebuilt and repopulated. Alveron is becoming a welcome shelter by people displaced by war and chaos, as outside of Alveron, the world is once more darkness filled with tiny pinpricks of light. The Walled City itself is the main destination for many, as it is one of the few places left that still contain many of the wonders once common place to the old Empire. Fine dwarven cut towers of marble and iron, wrought with Eladrin magics fill the horizon, and the night is lit by fires from floating braziers all throughout the city, pushing back the darkness.


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