Before the first great war between the gods and the primordials, before the dawn of the first age and the rise of the other races, the god, Bahamut decided to create the perfect creature in which to occupy Aedar. He crafted a mighty reptilian creature, strong and agile, noble and proud, powerful and majestic, but saw that it was far from the pinnacle of mortal form that he was looking for. Eager to see his dream become a reality, Bahamut enlisted the help of the primordial Tiamat who infused his creation with the power of Elemental Chaos. The two where much pleased with the results, and named the creatures, “Dragons”.

Soon after the dragons were born, conflict broke out between the gods and the primordials. Tiamat, took advantage of the Chaos energy flowing through the Dragons veins, and corrupted many of them. Upon seeing what his erstwhile partner had done, Bahamut turned away from the battle field and engaged Tiamat in a fierce battle. Bahamut had managed to save a handful of his mightiest dragons from Tiamats corruption. Together, they fought off Tiamat and her corrupted dragons, eventually driving Tiamat back into the Elemental Chaos. Victorious, Bahamut imprisoned the renegade dragons and lead his shining dragons into battle against the primordials, but the damage was already done. The renegade dragons seemed to be twisted beyond repair. Even his shinning dragons held some spark of the taint that infected their brethren. At the conclusion of the war, Bahamut sent his creations into the Feywild to slumber undisturbed, until such a time as he could undo what Tiamat had wrought.

But the dragons had grown more powerful then Bahamut could have ever foreseen. While most obeyed his command, some fled instead to isolated corners of Aedar setting up massive lairs deep with in caves, feted swamps, or active volcanoes.. A small handful openly forsook both Bahamut and Tiamat, instead aligning themselves to the strange beings that roamed the twisted worlds of the shadowed realms. These would become the first Draco-liches.

Dragons come in many different sizes and descriptions, and are amongst the most powerful being on Aedar. The Shinning Dragons, sometimes called Metallic Dragons, are those loyal to Bahamut, who have been cured of corruption. The are good and noble beasts, whose scales shimmer and shine with a bright, other worldly light. The renegade, or metallic dragons are those tainted by Tiamat. Most have lived too long with the corruption to ever be completely cured, yet Bahamut still holds out hope. The renegades are cruel, vindictive, and destructive.

The Planar Dragons can lean either way, depending on their type, while the Scourge Dragons are unquestionably evil, although they do not seem to hold allegiance to either deity. The Catastrophic Dragons are akin to forces of nature, neither good, nor evil; they just are.

Kobolds are distantly related to renegade dragons the same way that dragonborn are related to shinning dragons. The kobolds hold the same taint of corruption as their chromatic relatives, while the dragonborn’s blood line is pure and free from it.

The Dragonspawn are creatures created by Tiamat’s early experiments in corrupting the dragons, and many dark cults use her same rituals to recreate them to this day. Edit/Delete Message


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