The Basalt Halls

While not officially part of the Kingdom of Alveron, the Basalt Halls was one of the first cities to be “rediscovered” by King Wakelyn and his people, and the Hall has enjoyed a close relationship with the Walled City ever since.

A dwarven stronghold at the base of the Blackspine mountain chain, the Basalt Halls are both built around, and inside the mountains. Now that a trade route exists between the Alveron and the Halls, the city is truly beginning to flourish, and more and the people from both lands are beginning to intermingle. Although the upper city seems to be a small collection of modest buildings tucked into the side of a snowy mountain top, like most dwarven cities, the underground complex of tunnels and chambers goes on seemingly forever, offering plenty of room for any wayward traveler in need of a home.

The Basalt Halls are home to Dwarves, and Dragon Born mostly, with a strong Eladrin presence. Both dwarves and Dragon born from that area are known as “Basalt Clan”, although a few other clans have settled there over the years.

Recently, the Dwarves of the Basalt Halls have been seeking news of Granite Hold, the seat of dwarven power through the Fourth Age. They have asked that King Wakelyn send a team to the north, to find out what has happened to the once great city, and Wakelyn was only too happy to agree. If ties to the Hold can be reestablished, the defense of Alveron’s northern boarders will be assured.

The Basalt Halls

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