The Order of the Azure Flame

The Order of the Azure Flame has been around in one form or another since the First Age. Elven paladins operating independent of the senate, and not affiliated with any one temple, the knights roamed the length and breadth of Corell, defending the helpless. The Knights of the Order acted as healers, defenders, benefactors to the poor, anything and everything that was needed of them. They where instrumental in the wars with the satyr, and to this day the satyr hold a bitter hatred to anyone bearing the symbol of the Flame. Their independence from the government and the clergy placed them in a key potion during the Elven Civil War. While General Shanatria’s forces infiltrated all walks of life in the Empire, only Order remained untouched. During the ensuing war the Order took to the forefront of the loyalist armies, and where largely responsible for driving Shanatria’s faction out of Corell. They suffered tremendous losses as a result, however, and hadn’t the strength to fight off the wave of darkness that covered the land as the Great Empire crumbled from within.

After the fall of the Great Elven Empire, the few remaining knights fought to hold their order together. With no centralized government Corell was falling into chaos. The Order saw it as their responsibility to hold fast against it. They opened their doors to paladins of all races and where soon as much a symbol of light in those dark times as they where a military force. In fact, in some areas, the Orders influence was so small that it was down to a single knight to patrol and defend it. Still, they where something that the people, all the people, could rally behind. The Order has remained this way over the years.

The Order of the Azure Flame is made up of paladin’s of any race, hailing from the faith’s of Kord, Avandra, Ioun, and Bahamut. Why only these four, no one really knows. Indeed, the origins of the Order’s name and symbol are lost to time. Many conflicting explanations exists, but no one can agree on one and the gods aren’t talking. The Order is run by a council of ten of the highest ranking knights. The Council usually operates out of temple located in the largest and most influential city. Currently, that is the Walled City of Alveron. During the Fourth age it was Ember Fall, and so on. The Council serves as a public face for the Order, and at times steps in to direct the knights to where they are needed most, and command them during times of war, but otherwise allows them a large measure of latitude. Keeps, towers, and fortresses are scattered all across Corell, serving as home bases for the Knights in that area. They can house as many as fifty knights, or as few as two or three. A large portion of the Order also operate as wandering adventurers, working together, or joining up with parties of other, like minded adventurers. They traveling to places where the influence of the Order does not reach. A Knight of the Azure Flame is normally welcomed just about anywhere.

In current times, the Order is at it’s lowest point ever. The war with the giants has taken it’s toll, and few knights survived the conflict. A great many towers are now abandoned, once powerful keeps lay empty. Fel creatures of all descriptions have taken up residence in the former homes of the Order, defiling all that the knighthood stood for with their very presence. No matter what befalls them, the Order always survives, however. It is only a matter of time before their ranks swell once more and they return to roust the forces of darkness from their new nests.

The Order of the Azure Flame

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