The Shen

The lizard like shen are about the size of halflings, with long, slender necks, heads that end in short, stubby snouts, and long tails. Their scales are green, but the color changes slightly to show mood, and to help with communication.

The shen are a race of peaceful philosophers. They live exclusively in the Dragon’s Roost, a series of mountains in the center of Corell. They are known for constructing cities high in the mountain peeks, carving small, elaborate holes and tunnels into the mountain side, so that when the wind whistles through their cities, it creates a low, meditative moaning sound the shen call the “Dragon’s Chant”. The shen build vast, open air temples and amphitheaters where they spend their time in meditation, or debating complex philosophical points with each other.

The shen do not make good warriors, and do not have their own standing army, relying on other races for martial support. The high altitude, and rugged terrain they build their cities on keeps them safe and isolated for the most part. Between the fact that they produce little, and their distaste for material possessions, few make the hazardous trek up to the shen cities to bother them.

The shen have a complicated language that is only partly verbal, but also involves color change of their scales, and discrete movements of their tails to convey emphasis, emotion, or to change the meaning of a word all together. The same word for “horse”, there for, could also mean “fast horse”, “sick horse”, “my horse” or possibly “cake” depending on what color the speaker is, and how he is twitching his tail. They see common as a simple language that a child would start out with, and often grow frustrated with it, having to resort to a dozen words in common to cover a sentence that might take as few as three in shen.

Great philosophers and intellectuals, the shen are master diplomats. They are often called upon to negotiate the disputes of other races, and their wisdom and council is sought by all.

The Shen

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