The Third Age

Out of all the ages that have passed on the world of Aedar, none have birthed more tales and legends then the Third Age, sometimes called the Age of Heroes. It is the one age not to be dominated by one or two powerful empires. While the Elves, Dwarves, and Humans are often mentioned as the most powerful nations of this age, the Third Age saw the rise of many smaller kingdoms, with each handing down their stories and myths.

The world had nearly been torn asunder by the final war of the Second Age. The armies of Bael Turath and Arkhosia had drawn the gods and the Primordials into their conflict, and the fighting between the two sides literally changed the face of Aedar. The magics that where let lose caused deserts to appear in temperate zones, and a lush, tropical jungle to grown in the center of the barren ice fields of Wintershome, at the top of the world.

Over time, kingdoms rose out of the chaos. Hesitantly at first, then more and more, the pinpricks of light in the darkness grew, pushing back the night and returning order to the world. But it was still a savage land. No one kingdom rose to banish the hordes of monsters and beasts. No single peace keeping force defended the borders of a unified empire. Instead, bands of hardy adventures roamed the country sides, seeking treasure, fame, excitement, and glory.

The third Age stretched on for hundreds of years, and during that time many great heroes where born. Amongst them where the human wizard Cedric Ammerman, the dwarven rogue Bilsland Steelhammer, and the elven paladin Avia Starheart. These three adventurers wandered Corell from coast to coast, exploring dungeons, dark forests, forgotten castles, and dusty crypts. Over time, their adventures found them sailing north, across the northern seas to the arctic wastelands of Winterhome.

As they traveled these frozen lands, searching for new treasures and glory, the three came upon a immense crypt-like citadel built into the side of a mammoth glacier. A pair of impossibly large doors bore runes and symbols predating the first age, and a giant bass relief showing a terrible battle between the god Bahamut, and his counterpart, the Primordial known as Tiamat.

Inside the the citadel was a vast chamber, empty except for a large dais upon which sat the largest red dragon any of the adventures had ever seem. It was encased in a massive block of ice, and glowing sigils of purple, silver and blue floated above the floor, surrounding it upon all sides.

The adventures where very careful to avoid the dais as the moved about the chamber, but something they did must have triggered the sigils, because they soon began to fade away one by one. As the last of the wards winked out of existence, a heavy silence blanketed the room, only to be shattered moments latter by the sounds of the dragon’s ice prison cracking open.

The creature was mammoth; ancient beyond belief. It’s bellowing roar cracked the stone walls of the citadel. The concussive force of the blue white jet of flame that shot forth from it’s mouth blew the mighty doors off of their hinges and onto the snowy ground where they melted into slag. Before any of the heroes had time to act, the creature launched itself into the air and sped off faster then any of them could have imagined.

The beast the three adventures had freed was called Aakosar, and was known to be the favored of Tiamat in the days of old. The most ancient and powerful of all the renegade dragons, Aakosar was the equal of any demigod, and it was said that only Bahamut himself had been able to defeat him. His power and majesty had been so great, however, that Bahamut could not bring himself to destroy him, and instead locked him away in a frozen tomb for all time.

Now freed, Aakosar spared no time in assembling his armies to him. In the time since he had been imprisoned, his world had changed drastically, and he was determined to reclaim it. From out of the feywild, renegade dragon’s flocked to their master’s call. They blanketed the sky, drowning out the light. Armies of Kobolds and dragonspawn assembled beneath them, and the ground trembled from their numbers.

The armies of the various kingdoms bravely rose up against Aakosar and his dragons, sending out their armies, but none was able to stand up to the ancient beast. Bands of brave heroes and adventures spent years attempting to bring down the Dragon Scourge, but its numbers where too great, and their leader far too powerful. Even the mighty heroes who had unwittingly freed him fell before Aakosar’s might. The scourge ravaged Corell from one end to the other, and the land was soon thrown into chaos. The third age ended with the awakening of Aakosar, and his Dragon Scourge ruled the land for years to come.

The Third Age

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